Planning & Development Services

About Planning and Development Services

The Planning and Development Services Department is responsible for revitalizing targeted areas, creating and maintaining high-quality residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, and ensuring that Baytown provides safe and economically vital places to live, work, and visit. To ensure the community's orderly physical growth, the Department administers the City's land use policies and regulations, including the comprehensive plan, zoning map, building code, and subdivisions code. Program activities include future and current planning, building permit inspection, plan review, code enforcement (structure and zoning), and administration of the Community Development Block Grant Program.

To apply for a development or building permit, please visit our Citizen Self Service portal.

Responsibilities and Services

Building Permits

Building Services reviews structure and sign plans; oversees code enforcement (structural and zoning); and inspects every project in the City of Baytown to ensure health and safety.

To apply for any building permits, pay fees, check the status of an application or schedule inspections, visit our Citizen Self Service Portal.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning Division reviews and processes all zoning and subdivision requests in accordance with development standards and land codes. This also includes long-range planning, which envisions Baytown's continued growth, development, and economic strength. 

To apply for any current development applications, visit our Citizen Self Service Portal.

Programs and Services

The Community Development division strives to improve Baytonians quality of life by providing economic, housing, and social resources that enhance a safe and healthy community. Get more information about our available assistance programs.

Standard Construction Documents

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