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Wanted: Historic Baytown Photos

  1. wanted
  2. Celebrate Baytown’s 75th birthday by contributing to the online museum.

  3. Do you have photos from the 1930s - 1980s?
    • The Mall (interior and exterior)
    • Local businesses (groceries, funeral homes, drugstores)
    • The Traffic Circle at Texas and Market
    • Streetscapes (Goose Creek, Pelly, Wooster, Old Baytown)
    • Anything that brings back memories of bygone days
  4. Do you have these yearbooks?
    • Cedar Bayou School: Prior to 1949 & after 1954 (Cedar Log Yearbook)
    • George Washington Carver: Any volume except 1958
    • Lee: Prior to 1929, 1931-1936, 1943, 2006
    • Sterling: 1967
  5. To lend your photograph(s) or yearbook(s), please contact 281-422-1142.

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    By uploading the photo(s) I give permission for sharing on social media and adding to the Sterling Municipal Library's digital photo collection.

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