Respect. Accountability. Pride. (RAP)

About the Program

The R.A.P. program encourages transformative and successful growth by providing educational and service opportunities for youth to become contributing members of society. 

Attending Program

Juveniles may attend RAP if granted Non-Profit Community service through the Baytown Municipal Court. Juveniles are also able to attend RAP to fulfill a request from their school to complete community service.

How it Works

The Baytown Municipal Court Respect Accountability Pride (RAP) Community Service program is an alternative sentencing program for juvenile offenders supervised by the Juvenile Case Manager. The program allows juveniles to perform community service to satisfy fines and court costs for violations in the Baytown Municipal Court of Record.

RAP Community Services meets two Saturdays per month for six (6) hours, unless otherwise noted by the Juvenile Case Manager. Drop off and pick up each day at the Baytown Municipal Court, unless otherwise noted. Juveniles are expected to be present for the entire day. 

The total number of hours to be completed will be ordered by the Judge. Each day of RAP is worth six (6) hours of credit. Additional credit may be awarded at the discretion of the Juvenile Case Manager.

Juveniles are not allowed to utilize RAP for charges filed in other courts.

Please review the below guidelines and view the calendar below for the current RAP schedule.

  1. Guidelines

Guidelines for Participation

  1. Please arrive to scheduled event on time. Failure to arrive on time may restrict you from participating in the event.
  2. Parent/Guardian must be present during drop off and pick up for the event.
  3. All waivers must be signed prior to the event. (Parent/Guardian may sign waivers at drop off)
  4. Be respectful at all times; to staff, organizations, guest speakers, and to all other participants.
  5. The use and distribution of alcohol and tobacco products is strictly prohibited during R.A.P.
  6. Weapons of any kind are prohibited at R.A.P.
  7. Cell phones will be taken up at the beginning of the day and will be returned once you are dismissed.
  8. Goose Creek CISD dress and grooming standards will be followed and enforced during R.A.P.
  9. Seatbelts must be worn at all times when transporting to and from events.
  10. Must not voice any curse words and refrain from vulgar language.
  11. No inappropriate behavior between youth will be tolerated.
  12. You will be liable for any intentional damaged property.
  13. Must refrain from displaying any “hand signs” during R.A.P.
  14. Earbuds/headphones are not to be worn during R.A.P.
  15. You will not be allowed to leave the R.A.P. location until you are dismissed for the day. Lunch and/or snack will be provided. Bring your own meal if you have any dietary restrictions.
  16. Each day of R.A.P. is worth six (6) hours. Failure to follow any of these guidelines may result in you being sent home for the day with no hours awarded.


Please register below as it is a first come first serve basis. You must be within the age of 10-16 unless you received a citation prior to your 17th birthday and have been ordered to participate in the RAP Program. If you did not comply with the order to complete the RAP Community Service within the courts request you must come speak with the Judge regarding your case. 

There is a maximum of 10 juveniles who may participate in each event unless mentioned otherwise. JCM will contact you prior to the event for further details. If the event is filled you will be contacted by the JCM and placed on the waiting list. All requested forms and waivers must be signed prior to the scheduled event. Please contact the JCM if you are having difficulties completing the forms.

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