Current Zoning Cases


Zoning Regulation Packets

These documents are intended to assist in identifying applicable zoning regulations for each district. Please note that the documents are not all-inclusive but will address the most frequently asked questions.

Mixed Use (MU)Urban Neighborhood (UN)
Neighborhood Service Commercial (NSC)Single-Family Estate (SFE)
Livable Center (LC)Low Density Single-Family (SF1)
General Commercial (GC)Mixed Residential at Low to Medium Densities (SF2)
Arts, Cultural, & Entertainment (ACE)Medium Density Mixed Residential (MF1)
Light Industrial (LI)Mid-Rise Density Mixed Residential Dwellings (MF2)
Heavy Industrial (HI)High Density Residential Dwelling Units (MF3)

Open Space and Recreation (O/R)

Unified Land Development Code

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