Wetlands Wagon Outreach Programs

Educational Outreach Programs for Schools 

Make your reservations now for the Wetlands Wagon to visit your school. We provide 45-minute programs designed for your grade level. A fee of $150 is charged for a 45-minute program within a 30 mile radius. Additional, same day, back-to-back programs on the same topic are $75 each. The maximum is three programs per day. There is a maximum of 40 students. Additional fees are charged for distances greater than a 30 mile radius. If appropriate, we can bring live animals for your class.

Discover the amazing world of wetlands. Did you know wetlands are extremely beneficial and even help prevent flooding? What would happen to our seafood without wetlands? What types of wildlife call wetlands home? Find out what happens when we harm our wetlands through runoff or pouring pollutants down street drains.  

All outreach programs are Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) - aligned. 

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Grades Pre-K - 1

  • Give Me a Home: Wetlands Habitat 
  • Critter Coats: Scales, Feathers, Hair and Exoskeletons 
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Grades 2 - 3

  • Going Around in Circles: The Water Cycle 
  • Meet Your Wetlands Neighbors: Wetlands Animals 
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Grades 4 - 5 

  • How Do They Do It?: Wetlands Plants and Animal Adaptations 
  • What's the Connection?: Wetlands Food Web
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Grades 6 - 8

  • Soiled: Wetlands Soils
  • Trash Talk: Marine Debris 
  • Water, Water, Everywhere: Watersheds 
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