Leak Adjustments

  1. How to Check for Leaks

Toilet Leaks

  • Remove the tank lid after the toilet stops filling
  • Check for a visible leak or listen for water running.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring or a dye tablet to the tank. Do not flush the toilet.
  • If the color appears in the toilet bowl within 0-15 minutes, you have a leak.
  • Flush when done. Dye may stain the toilet tank.
  • Check the toilet for worn out, corroded or bent parts. Most replacement parts are inexpensive and readily available at your local hardware store.

Plumbing Leaks

Use your water meter to check for visible or hidden leaks.

  1. Turn off all faucets
  2. Read the dial on the water meter and record reading.
  3. Recheck your meter after a 15-20 minute period.

If the meter dial does not read exactly the same, a leak is occurring within the plumbing system. 


To ensure customers pay for sewer services only when such services are actually being utilized.


The City recognizes that customers at times may experience water leaks during which water will bypass the sanitary sewer system.   Should such a leak occur, the customer may receive a credit for a portion of the sewer service fees paid in accordance with this policy.


The following is the procedure through which credits for a leak adjustment may be granted:

  1. Any request for a leak adjustment must be made in writing, state with detail the reasons therefor, and be signed by the customer.  A receipt indicating that repairs have been made should accompany such request.  
  2. Upon receipt of the request, the Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee shall review the written request and supporting material, if any, to determine if a leak adjustment to the customer’s sanitary sewer bill is justified.  An adjustment will be given only if the Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee determines that (i) water bypassed the sanitary sewer system and (ii) the water leak has been fixed.
  3. If a leak adjustment is justified, the Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee shall calculate an average monthly sewer service charge based upon a six-month usage.  If at the time of the request for an adjustment, the Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee is unable to calculate a six-month average, a shorter period of time may be used; provided, that the average is based upon at least two months of the customer’s water consumption during which the premises was occupied and used in a similar manner as when the leak occurred.
  4. The leak adjustment shall be calculated based upon the difference between the amount billed for sanitary sewer services and the average usage as determined by the Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee as set forth hereinabove.  The Utility Services Manager or the manager’s designee shall place a credit on the customer's account; provided that the leak adjustment is not for a period of more than two consecutive months.
  1. Apply for Leak Adjustment
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