Garth Road Widening Project

Prior to construction there is a 17 foot parkway grass strip and four lanes for trafficThe Garth Road Widening Project includes reconstructing and widening the existing Garth Road roadway from four to six lanes from I-10 to Baker Road.

WHY is the project needed: The purpose of the proposed project is to facilitate mobility for anticipated population growth in Harris County and enhance safety for the traveling public by adding travel lanes to increase capacity. The project is needed to increase capacity due to population growth in the region and to mitigate flooding along the corridor.

HOW LONG will the project take: This project would be completed in 6 phases over the course of 8 years. See the Document Library on this project page for more detailed information on this project.

WHAT are the project improvements exactly: three 11-foot-wide travel lanes in each direction and a 16-foot-wide noncontinuous raised median, a 6.5-foot sidewalk on one side and a 10-foot-wide shared use path on the other side of the roadway. Right-turn lanes would also be provided at some locations. Improvements from Baker Road to SH 146 include the construction of raised medians and pedestrian/bicycle accommodations. Additional safety features include adding a shared use path and adding raised medians with dedicated left turn lanes at selected intersections.