Adult Safety Education

The Baytown Fire Marshal’s Office also has several Fire & Life Safety Education Presentations for adults that may be presented to safety meetings, civic organizations, etc.

Such topics as:

Basic Home Fire Safety – explains the reasons why smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, home evacuation planning, kitchen fires, burns, Christmas trees and firework safety are needed.

Holiday Home Fire Safety – describes the dangers of  space heaters, fireplaces, Christmas trees and holiday lighting, and fireworks. Helps to clarify basic home fire safety.

Know Your Way Out – Enlightens the importance of evacuation planning for places other than work or home.

Outdoor Cooking Safety – Safety tips for outdoor grilling and frying.

Holiday Cooking Safety – Safety tips for the kitchen cooking during the holidays and outdoor turkey frying.

Fire Extinguisher Training – both classroom and ‘hands-on’ training available.

Fire Safety in our Schools – Geared for teachers and administrators.

Fire Safety for Senior Citizens – Geared for Seniors who live in ‘Seniors only’ apartment type buildings.

Each of our safety presentations are about 20 – 30 minutes in length and are geared towards an adult audience.

To schedule an event please contact the Baytown Fire Department at 281-422-2311.