Academy Rules

Rules & Dress Code

Disciplined behavior as well as professional demeanor and conduct will be maintained at all times. Under no circumstances will rudeness to an instructor, or disruptive behavior that distracts other students be tolerated. 

Classroom Dress Code: 

Officers attending classes represent not only their respective agency, but also the law enforcement profession. While the wearing of a coat and tie is not required; officer’s dress should be appropriate for professionals continuing their education. Officers may dress in a casual yet professional style. Hats, tank tops, halter tops, T-shirts, shorts (unless work uniform), and flip-flops are not permitted in the classroom.  Jeans are permitted if clean and free of holes and patches

Range Dress Code: 

Officers should dress accordingly for firearms training. BDU’s are a good choice, as are shorts with cargo pockets. Wear footwear that will offer proper support. No red shirts or hats will be worn by students. Everyone at the range will be required to wear eye and ear protection, and a hat is highly recommended. Students should be prepared for inclement weather. Body armor is suggested for training and will be mandatory for some classes.

  • No tobacco products are allowed in the classroom or on the firing lines.
  • Abusive language and horseplay will not be tolerated.

The Director of Training will be the final authority on what is termed appropriate attire.

Lt. Mark Freeman, Training Coordinator

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