Goose Creek Trail 7

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The project will complete the Phase 7 portion of the Goose Creek trail from Hutto Blvd at Baker and provide a connection from Baker to Cedar Bayou Lynchburg through the Center Port utility power line easement with future expansion to the New Mall.

BUDGET: $540,765.00

WHY is this project needed: This trail connection will provide connectivity from W. Cedar Bayou Lynchburg to Bayland Marina. 

HOW LONG will this project take: This project will take 4 to 6 months with construction starting in Spring 2022. 

WHAT are the project improvements: The trail will be expanded into a 10-foot-wide concrete trail that includes a shared use path. This will finish the connection to the existing Country Club Cove Neighborhood sidewalk, which in turn, connects to McElroy Park.

Phase 7 Map

June 2, 2022 Update

Goose Creek Trail Glow Stone FormsPortions of the trail have been left open at this time to prepare for unique art pieces that will be installed. These art pieces will include directional art as well as inspirational art that will be made from glow stones. These glow stones will allow the artwork to glow in the dark.