Town Square Enhancements

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This project aims to replace Baytown Town Square's overall aesthetics, offer the opportunity to increase programming and use, and reduce operations and maintenance costs by replacing the grass with all-weather turf and implementing drainage improvements. 

BUDGET: $600,000.00 

WHY is this project needed: The current green space at Baytown Town Square is highly utilized during year round with programs and special events. The current natural turf areas are difficult to maintain and often times, the area is closed due to muddy terrain after heavy precipitation.  Replacing the grass with all-weather turf and an implementing an improved drainage system will improve the ability of the City to host multiple programs and special events without any concern of damaging the green space, while improving the overall aesthetics of Baytown Town Square.

HOW LONG will this project take: This project will take 4 to 6 months with construction starting around mid-Spring 2022. 

WHAT are the project improvements: The grass in Baytown Town Square will be replaced with all-weather turf, an improved drainage system; any or all concrete may also possibly replaced. 

Town Square

September 15, 2022 Update

Drainage for Town Square is currently being installed.

Town Square Drainage

August 28, 2022 Update

Town Square will feature five new sitting areas with shade structures.

Town Square Bench Shades

August 2, 2022 Update

The turf is being installed at Town Square.

Town Square Turf Installment

July 28, 2022 Update

The concrete has been poured in various areas that will serve as rest spots with five benches and covered shade.

Town Square Bench Pads Installed

July 18, 2022 Update

Concrete forms are being added to expand the usable space at Town Square.Concrete forms at Town Square

June 2, 2022 Update

The grass has been removed to allow for artificial turf to be laid.

Town Square Grass Removed